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Our Colours

Dulux is available in over 12,000 shades through our in-store mixing. Here, we feature a collection of our best selling colours. They are simply arranged by colour family so you can easily select complimentary colours with confidence. Choose a colour group from the bar above to get started.


Red is the colour of passion, action, anger, danger and desire. Use red to warm up cold and unwelcoming areas of the house like a hallway and stairwell.


Orange encourage a good sense of humour. It is the happiest colour in the spectrum. Use orange to breathe life into sombre north-facing rooms and dark stairwells. Children love the energising effect of orange. Use it in a child's playroom to encourage creative imaginations.


Yellow is the first colour seen by a newborn baby. It is the colour associated with emotion and is said to increase brain activity. Use yellow to liven up north facing rooms and create a feeling of space in small rooms. Pale yellow is the perfect morning 'pick-me-up' for bathrooms.


Green heals, nurtures and comforts. It is the predominant colour in nature and is the colour of health and good judgement. Blue/greens like aqua, jade and turquoise have a restorative effect and maximise space, so are perfect in a bathroom. Fresh crisp green and white creates an uplifting atmosphere in the kitchen.


Blue is the colour that calms and soothes. It's the world's favourite colour. Blue let's us relax and reflect. Stimulate great ideas with stronger shades of blue in a home office or study. Use fresh aqua and turquoise to revive the body and mind in bathrooms.


Neutrals can be combined to create a warm, simple space, or act as a base for bolder colours. Use neutrals in your living room to bring focus to your existing furniture and complement your accessories and soft furnishings.