Our Promise

Our Sustainability Strategy

We want to build a sustainable future for our business but we know we can't do this alone. So as well as involving our employees, we are working with our suppliers, our customers and external experts to build plans together. Due to the nature of our business our strategy focuses on five key pillars.

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Our innovative products and services will create sustainable value by systematically reducing the ecological footprint of the whole-life decorating process and make a real and positive difference to the environment and the well-being of people's lives, communities and their surroundings.
Our employees will be proud to work for a successful company that puts sustainability at the forefront of its agenda. We will be a good neighbour, playing a positive role in both the local and global communities.
We will halve our CO2 emissions from our energy consumption by 2020 (baselined from 2009) and drive further reductions across our total value chain.
We will significantly reduce the impact on people and the environment associated with the movement of our products and our people.
We will eliminate all waste and emissions from our own operations and reduce the impact of our products and our packaging for our customers.